28 May 2018





29 May 2018
Modern logo for timetracking tool
Deadline: 12 Jun 2018

Tikkr is a time tracking tool for individuals and small teams. Its focus lies on efficiency and ease of use to enable comprehensive statistics on the time each user has invested into his projects.

The design of the product is primarily based on Googles Material Design Guidelines (, thus the logo should realize some of those guidelines, too. You are free to use any color you want, however the logo must be associated with some of the following keywords:
- clock
- (pie) chart
- time
- pendulum
- tick tock
- speedometer
- beam
- timeline

Here are some existing logos and icons that we like:

Please note: The logo will primarily be viewed at a size of max. 180x180 pixel (, thats why small details and lettering will be hard to see. We need to have SVG as final export.

If you have got any more questions then you can write us an email to or contact us on Logocatalog.
We are excited to see what you create.



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